Hurricane Guide

Dear Residents:
We in South Florida annually experience hurricane season from June 1st
through November 30th.  During these months special precautions need to
be taken by everyone in the building.  This guide is intended to help you
understand what to expect during a hurricane in a high-rise


A hurricane is probably the most devastating and dangerous natural
phenomenon that oceanfront property owners face.  The fact that we are
members of a condominium community dictates that certain standards of
deportment be understood, accepted and followed.  Most importantly, Plaza
South Association is in an evacuation zone.  When an evacuation is ordered
EVERYONE is expected to leave the building and leave the barrier island.
Employees and residents are ALL expected to evacuate.  The building will
be closed, there will be no emergency services during a storm and authori-
ties will not be available to help you.  The cooperation of all Plaza South
owners and residents is therefore essential.
Once we are in hurricane “warning” the building employees will conclude
the procedures to prepare the building for the storm and leave.  Power to the
building’s A/C will be shut off if an evacuation order is imminent and the
elevators will ultimately be stopped on a high floor in case of flood.  This
means that once the order is given, you should be packed and prepared to
City of Fort Lauderdale Fire Department advises all elderly or handicapped
residents not to wait for the official evacuation order … Please leave early. 

Download the Full Hurricane Guide in PDF format Here

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