Plaza South is a Condominium, and as such, Rules and Regulations for the common good are established to guard the safety, health, and life of individuals, to protect property, and to eliminate annoying nuisances that are contrary to standards of good conduct, and often embarrassing to guests and residents.

These rules are designed to make living in our condominium apartment pleasant and comfortable. In living together, all of us not only have certain rights but also certain obligations to other condominium owners. We must remember that the restrictions we impose upon ourselves are for our mutual benefit and comfort.

Our community is only as good as we owners contribute to its success. Graciousness is a delicate balance of consideration for others and tolerance. If we were all guided by the “Golden Rule”, there would be no need for Rules and Regulations.


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To ensure appropriate security, expedite required maintenance and otherwise facilitate association operations, the Rules and Regulations describe several situations wherein a form must be completed and submitted to the office. They are available from the building office or by clicking on the form links below and printing the selected document.

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Click Here for an APARTMENT AUTHORIZATION (formerly Guest Request) form
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The Plaza South Condominium is an apartment residence and is not to be used as a motel or hotel, or for any other transient or commercial purpose. The Board of Directors has determined and requires that the intended use of an apartment be limited to single family residence use. No illegal or unlawful use shall be made of any apartment or of the Common Property or of the Limited Common Property, nor any part thereof. All laws, zoning ordinances and regulations of all governmental authorities having jurisdiction of Plaza South Condominium shall be observed.

No owners of any apartment shall permit anything to be done or kept in their apartment, or on the Common Property, or on the Limited Common Property, which will increase the rate of insurance of Plaza South Condominium, or which will obstruct or interfere with the right of the other occupants of the building, or annoy them by unreasonable noises. Nor shall any such owner undertake any use or practice which shall create or constitute a nuisance to any other owner of an apartment, or which interferes with the peaceful possession and proper use of any other apartment or the Common Property, or the Limited Common Property.

Your Board of Directors has instructed the General manager, with the assistance of the security guards, to insure that all comply with the established Rules and Regulations; Violators will be reported to the Board of Directors by the General Manager.

In the event there is a continual or willful violation of any of the rules, the Board of Directors may elect to take legal action to enforce these rules. The cost of this legal action may be charged in accordance with the Condominium Documents to the owner who violates the rules.



Each of the apartments shall be occupied only by a family, its servants and guests, as a residence and for no other purpose. The maximum number of permanent occupants residing in each apartment shall be limited to three people in one bedroom apartment, four people in two bedroom apartment, and six people in three bedroom apartments, except for unusual circumstances, which must be approved by the Board of Directors.


No guests, other than members of the owner's immediate family, may reside in any apartment longer than thirty days.


Designated guests/family of absentee owners or lessees shall not occupy any apartment without prior approval of the Manager and/or Board of Directors. Owners/Lessees planning to have guests during their absence, shall notify the General Manager prior to such planned occupancy, providing the name, address and length of stay of each guest. All guests will be required to abide by the rules and regulations of Plaza South and the Board of Directors shall have the power to revoke such guest privileges of occupancy, if such rules and regulations are violated.


The number of house guests, other than members of immediate family is restricted so that no apartment may be occupied by more than the stated limit. (See section #1 above). Owner/ Lessee must register guests/family members, on/or prior to arrival, and inform them of the Rules and Regulations.


All persons visiting Plaza South must register at the Security Desk, giving their name, date, time of arrival and planned departure date and time. They must also inform the Security staff of the resident they are visiting and location (if applicable) of vehicle. Security Staff must call the resident before admitting the visitor. All visitors must abide by the same rules and regulations in effect for owners and lessees who are responsible for them, and owner or lessee should advise their guests that their stay can be quickly terminated if any of the rules and regulations are violated.


Owners/lessees and their children, guests / visitors and their children, shall not damage, destroy, or remove any part of the building equipment or furnishings. The responsible owners shall pay the cost of restoring the area or property. Such replacement and/or restoration must be to the satisfaction of the Board of Directors. Owner/lessee must pay any legal fee(s) necessary in collecting for such damage.


Even for absences of a short duration, for the resident’s own protection, the General Manager should be notified of departure and planned return date. For extended absence, the General Manager must be informed in writing if apartment is to be serviced in any way during resident’s absence, the name of the Service Company or individual, and what services are expected. The owner/lessee should inform the General Manager what arrangements have been made with reference to mail, parcel, or other deliveries. Plaza South Association, Inc., and its employees will not be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from resident’s authorized admissions to resident’s apartment. Furnishings must be removed from balconies without shutters during an extended absence. When shutters are closed and locked during an absence furniture removal is not required.

For the personal safety of all and the prevention of loss and damage to contents due to fire or water line breakage a key for each lock of your apartment must be on deposit at the front Security Desk. Failure to provide such keys makes an apartment owner/ lessee totally responsible and liable for resulting injuries, loss of life, and property damage. Further, Plaza South Association, Inc. will not be responsible for damage resulting from forced entry. Under no condition are locks permitted on air conditioning closet doors.


Corridors, catwalks, elevators, staircases, and common elements must not be obstructed in any manner. Catwalks shall not be used as a passageway, except in the event of an emergency. No activity of any kind is permitted on the catwalks. (Temporary seasonal decorations on entrance doors may be used, providing they are fire retardant). Ordinary safety and Fire Department Regulations must be maintained. No smoking is permitted in the common areas inside the building.


It is not permissible to drape or hang anything from windows or balconies. No shaking of rugs, mops or tablecloths from windows or balconies is permitted. Cooking of any sort on balconies by whatever means is strictly prohibited. Clotheslines or drying racks of any description are not allowed. Throwing of any objects, including cigars and cigarettes is not permitted. Sweeping dirt or water from balconies is not permitted. Waterproof containers must be used for all potted plants. No painting of balcony walls, railings, ceilings, or doors will be permitted. Hurricane shutters and window replacements must be approved by Plaza South Association. No alterations to outside apartment walls, windows, or balconies are permitted. Tinted windows are permitted. No signs, advertisements, notices or other lettering shall be exhibited, painted, or affixed to any part of the outside or inside of the premises. No owner/ lessee is permitted to install an antenna anywhere outside the apartment except for removable satellite dishes approved by the Board of Directors.

The three fire tower stairwells are accessible at all times (see page 20). However, the bottom exit doors of these stairwells are alarmed and kept locked at all times for security reasons. These doors can only be opened from the inside with the panic bar. Security keys will not open these doors from the outside. These doors should be used in an emergency only.

To prevent water damage to your own or adjoining apartments, residents should close all windows and doors when leaving their apartments. Close the storm shutters when applicable.

To prevent water damage to your own or adjoining apartments, resident shall close all windows and doors when leaving their apartments. Close the storm shutters when applicable.

The roof area is off limits to all residents, guests, and visitors. The roof area is restricted to essential building maintenance and service personnel only.


All trash and refuse which cannot be processed by your garbage disposal must be securely tied in heavy plastic bags and placed in trash chutes between the hours of 9:00 A.M. and 9:00 P.M. All cartons, newspapers, magazines, bottles, etc, must be placed in the recycling basket provided by Plaza South in the emergency corridor to the catwalk. Raw garbage must not be placed in the recycling basket.

Dust clothes, mops, vacuum cleaner bags, etc must not be shaken or emptied down trash chutes. Cigar butts and cigarette butts must be extinguished and bagged. Any volatile waste or rags must be thoroughly wet down before bagging.


1. Each owner shall promptly register with the General Manager’s office the license tag number and make of his automobile. In order for your car to be moved when necessary, you are required to leave a key with the General Manager’s office.

2. All cars using undercover parking areas must have a Plaza South identification sticker on the lower right side of the rear window, the number of which shall indicate the assigned parking space for the vehicle. Cars must be parked in numbered space corresponding to sticker number or they may be towed from the garage.

3. Maximum speed in garage and on all driveways around the building is ten (10) miles per hour.

4. No boats, boats on trailers, trailers, motor homes, vans or campers are permitted to park on premises. Any unauthorized parking of above items will be towed away at vehicle owner’s expense without responsibility of Plaza South, and / or agents or employees, for loss or damage to such vehicles. Undercover parking is for passenger vehicles only.

5. Cars may not be washed or repaired in garage or driveways. Facilities for washing cars are provided at east end of guest parking area.

6. Skating, skate boarding, bicycle riding, and playing in garage or driveway areas are not permitted.



The main lounge is intended primarily for building functions, but may be reserved for private functions sponsored by owners. Owners who reserve the lounge for private functions may use the appliances in the kitchen, but must provide their own dishes, flatware, glassware, coffee urns and linens. Association functions shall have precedence over private functions. Thirty (30) days notice must be given for cancellation.

Owners desiring to reserve the lounge for private functions should make application in writing to the General Manager. The number of guests at any private function is limited and may require extra security. A security deposit of $500.00 is required. The cost to replace damaged items will be deducted from your security deposit.

The lounge cannot be reserved for any commercial purpose.


All persons using or passing through the lounge must be dressed in suitable attire.

Persons wearing wet bathing suits are not permitted the use of elevators. Persons with dry bathing attire should have proper over garments when using elevators. Wearing of wet bathing suits in lobby, community rooms, halls, and elevators is prohibited. Residents and their guests must not appear barefoot in lobby, recreation room, elevators, or halls.


Pool table may not be used by children under sixteen (16) years of age, unless directly supervised by an adult. Play by individuals shall be limited to one hour if others are waiting to play. Cue sticks, balls and racks are provided for use by residents. Owners may bring their own cue sticks. Owner is financially responsible for damage to equipment in the Billiard Room.

Ping Pong table is for residents use. Children under 16 must be supervised by an adult. Paddles and balls are provided.

Books in the library are for your use. Please return books to the basket provided.


Facilities are for use of owners, lessees and their house guests. An adult must accompany children under sixteen (16) years of age. The use of the gymnasium equipment IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE USER AND PLAZA SOUTH ASSOCIATION IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INJURIES CAUSED BY THE USED OF THE EQUIPMENT OR THE FAILURE OF THE EQUIPMENT. Use of gymnasium for private classes may be arranged through the General Manager.


The sauna bath is for the use and enjoyment of all owners, lessees and their guests, and the usual courtesies should be observed. These facilities are available for use from the hours of 6:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.


Planned activities for this room may be arranged through the General Manager.


Courts may be used from 9:00 A.M. and 9:30 P.M. Please do not walk on shuffleboard playing surfaces. Children under ten (10) years of age must be accompanied by an adult when using courts. Owners are financially responsible for any damage done to the courts or equipment by themselves, their families, or their guests. Replace equipment in storage boxes upon completion of play.


The card room is located next to the Manager’s office. It is available for use by residents.


Bicycles must be kept in the bicycle racks in the Parking Garage when not in use. A sticker number must be attached to the bicycle. Stickers are available from the General Manager. While these bicycles are under the watchful eye of Security staff, it is recommended that they be chained and locked to the rack itself. It is not permissible to transport bicycles to resident’s apartments on elevators or stairways, or to store them in apartments.



1. Anyone using the pool is required to do so in a manner considerate of others and to comply with the following regulations that have been formulated for the purpose of hygiene and the prevention of added repair and maintenance costs. The pool is open from dawn to dusk daily. Owners, lessees and their guests using the pool shall do so AT THEIR OWN RISK. Children under ten (10) years of age must be supervised and accompanied by an adult, or they will not be permitted to use the pool. Infants and toddlers wearing diapers must wear leak proof swim diapers (such as Swimmies).

2. A SHOWER is required at the pool area before entering the pool. Those who leave the area and return must shower again before re-entering the pool. Also, those coming from the beach are required to shower before entering the pool.

3. No one with an infectious disease may enter the pool.

4. The wearing of cut offs or jeans is not permitted in the pool.

5. All suntan oils and creams must be removed with a shower before entering the pool or when using the patio furniture.

6. No food, beverages, glassware, gum or bottles, (except plastic water bottles) may be taken into the pool area. This regulation is to keep insects out of this area.

7. No objects of any kind are permitted in the pool, except one float aid that is held by the swimmer.

8. No one may enter the lobby, passenger elevators or community room with wet bathing attire.

9. The pool and other recreational facilities are primarily for the use of owners, lessees and their guests. Owners should limit the number of guests invited at any one time.

10. Persons using the pool DO SO AT THEIR OWN RISK. NO LIFE GUARDS are on duty at any time. Plaza South Association Inc. will not be responsible for injuries sustained by persons in or about the pool, patio, or beach.

11. Running and playing games around the pool area are prohibited.

12. All wearing apparel, towels and other articles must be removed from the pool and patio area furniture when not being used for 20 minutes or more. It is prohibited to reserve chaise lounges or other patio furniture.

13. The security staff is authorized to enforce the rules and regulations in the area, and have authority to ask anyone to leave who does not comply.

14. CHAIRS AND LOUNGES from the pool area are not to be taken to the beach patio or beach.


The barbecue is for use by residents and guests. Use of the grill is limited to one hour when others are waiting to use it. Residents and guests are expected to clean the grill, cooking utensils and dispose of all trash in receptacles provided. Turn off the gas before leaving the grill. Reserving of grills is not allowed. Cover the grill when it is completely cool. Children under 18 are not allowed to use the grills.


1. Chairs and lounges from the beach patio are not to be taken to the beach.

2. Residents and guests are permitted to have food and beverages at the beach patio. NO GLASS BOTTLES OR GLASS ARTICLES are allowed on the patio.

3. There are NO LIFEGUARDS on duty at the beach at any time.

4. The ACCESS DOOR to the beach patio must be locked from the outside at all times. Do not unlock the door for persons unknown to you. The access door will be locked from within at 10:00 P.M. To gain entry to the building, ring the door bell for security.

5. SAND AND TAR must be removed from the body before re-entering the pool area or the building. Use equipment and supplies provided at the beach shower area.

6. Boat storage is not permitted on the beach area or sodded area of the premises.

7. The beach is part of the condominium property and is subject to all rules pertaining to guest or visitor usage as previously expressed or implied herein.

8. Available SPACE FOR CABANAS in the reserved section will be on a “first come, first served” basis, at an annual service fee to be determined by the Board of Directors. For this annual service fee the cabana owner will receive the following:

• Daily opening and closing of the cabana.
• Removal, storage, and re-installation upon request when owner is away for a period of one month, or more.
• Automatic removal, storage, and re-installation in the event of an announced hurricane, or other severe storm.

9. Repairs to cabanas or cabana furniture are at the option of the cabana owner, either through the maintenance fee schedules or outside personnel. Request repairs through the General Manager’s office. “In requesting my cabana and chairs to be put out on the beach (and stored in my absence), I understand and agree not to hold Plaza South Association, Inc., or any of its employees, responsible for loss due to theft, vandalism, or any natural disaster (weather). I have also read, understand, and agree to abide by all of the cabana rules.”

10. Cabanas and furniture are for use by the owner only. They are not the property of Plaza South.


The Beach Storage area is for FOLDING chairs and beach type toys (i.e. noodles, pails, shovels, wave boards, etc). All items left in the beach storage area must have an identifying unit number. We recommend that you consider storing all beach items in your apartment or in your storage locker while you are away.


Children under ten (10) years of age must be accompanied outside their apartment at all times by an owner or lessee or a responsible adult. Such children must be supervised at all times while in the recreational areas, lobby, and community rooms. Children must wear footwear at all times, except at the pool or beach areas. Children are not allowed to congregate or play in the public rooms, corridors, elevators, stairways, recreational areas, or parking garages. Owners and Lessees are FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE for any damage caused by their children or guests’ children.


No pets are allowed in the building, on the pool deck or at the beach areas. A city ordinance, strictly enforced, prohibits dogs and other pets on the beach.


No apartment owner, lessee or guest of same, or any other person shall be permitted, directly or indirectly, to solicit the sale of services, goods, wares, merchandise, real estate or apartment units within the public areas of facilities, or on the bulletin board of the Plaza South mail room without the General Manager’s permission. The conduct of any business directly or indirectly, by any apartment owner, lessee or guest of same, or any other person, is strictly prohibited within such public areas or facilities. This building is zoned strictly residential and is a non-smoking building.



The General Manager’s office will be open for the transaction of business Monday through Friday from 8:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. and 1:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M. In the event of any emergency occurring after hours, contact the Security Desk at 954-565-0607.


Failures should be reported to the General Manager immediately.


Building employees are not permitted to perform personal services during regular duty hours, except on orders through the General Manager. These arrangements can be made by contacting the maintenance office. The minimum and/or hourly charge to the owner shall be set by the Board of Directors. The General Manager will maintain records of services performed, showing the nature of the work, the apartment number, and charges. Money received will be credited to the Operating Account of Plaza South Association, Inc.

Any criticism of building employees’ work or conduct should be reported to the General Manager in writing. No owner or guest is authorized to direct or to reprimand any employee of the building, or any tradesmen working under the direction of the General Manager.


Owners must not do work nor have work performed that may disturb their neighbors, except between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M. weekdays. Such work is not permitted on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.


Buttons should not be pushed more than once, nor should they be held. Do not block elevator doors in order to hold an elevator, as an alarm system sounds after a short period, calling personnel to the scene. Also, such holding action is discourteous to other owners. There is an emergency telephone in each elevator. Push button on speaker, release, and speak. Security will answer. Playing is prohibited on elevators.

Owners shall be liable for all damages to the building and elevators caused by receiving deliveries or moving or removing furniture or other articles to and from the building.


In case of power failure, the auxiliary generator will handle all elevators and certain emergency lights. Do not panic. Procedures are in effect to clear stalled elevators.

DURING A POWER FAILURE, elevators will stop running momentarily. Please do not be alarmed as there will be a short delay of transfer to emergency power. The car will then proceed slowly to the lobby floor. DO NOT PUSH “STOP” BUTTON. Remember: there is an emergency telephone in each elevator. Push speaker button, release, and speak. Security will answer.


In the event of an emergency, it is advisable for the office to have some information about each owner. Please complete an information form, which is available at the office.


If you are not at home when delivery is made, goods and packages (except heavy and bulky items) will be accepted and kept in the Receiving Room in the basement. You will be informed of their arrival. The Association shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to such property. However, normal care and surveillance will be accorded them while they are in our custody. The Receiving Room hours are from 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. weekdays, NO deliveries of any kind on Saturday, Sunday or Holidays except for emergencies. Package pick up is available on Saturday, Sunday and holidays by request at the front security desk.


There are grocery carts in the three garage levels and clothes/luggage carriers in the Receiving Room for use by residents.

All residents are requested to return all carts and carriers to their respective storage spaces immediately after use. This does not mean to merely put them on an elevator and then program the elevator to return to the lobby or garage areas. If resident cannot return units to their respective storage points, that resident is respectfully requested not to use the carts or carriers.

It is especially important that residents not leave these units in their apartments overnight. They represent common property and are there for the use of all owners.


The Declaration of Condominium requires that all purchasers or lessees of apartments be approved in advance by the Association. The procedure is as follows:

a) The General Manager will provide an application form for the prospective new owner or lessee to complete and return to the General Manager’s office, along with a check for the processing fee, as well as a copy of the Deposit Contract or the Lease Agreement.

b) All applicants, including husband and wife, must be interviewed personally by the Membership Committee. No applications will be approved without these personal interviews. Interviews are scheduled in advance, at a pre-arranged date and time, convenient to both applicant and the Membership committee, at Plaza South.

c) On approval, a proper certificate will be provided.

d) New residents, before occupying apartments resulting from resale or lease, must register with the Management upon arrival. The General Manager will furnish the new owners or lessees with a copy of the Rules and Regulations.

e) Children under eighteen (18) years of age shall not occupy an apartment unless a parent or other adult relative is in residence at the same time.


All musical instruments, televisions, tape players and radios shall be controlled so that they do not disturb other families at any time. Loud talking and noisy parties disturb other people. Please keep this in mind. A City ordinance prohibits excessive noise.


If a resident makes arrangements for this service, the Security Guard must be informed, so that they may check and register their identification. No security keys or garage openers shall be given to outside help without prior management authorization.


Owners must arrange directly with repairmen and outside service people for work to be performed inside their apartment. If not in residence, Management is not permitted to admit anyone to your apartment without your written authorization. Except in cases of emergency, repairmen and outside service people must limit their hours from 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. on weekdays, and are not allowed on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, except in emergencies with the knowledge of the management.


When you plan to leave your apartment for an extended time, the following important suggestions are set forth for your protection.


Disconnect, defrost, and leave refrigerator door ajar. SHUT OFF MAIN WATER LINE TO YOUR APARTMENT (ORANGE VALVE).


The circuit breaker leading to your water heater should be put in the “OFF” position. (Caution: On your return, make sure your water heater is filled with water before throwing circuit breakers back to the “ON” position). All other circuit breakers should be thrown to the “OFF” position, except those leading to your thermostat and air conditioning.


To assure that a certain minimal amount of circulation will take place while you are away in the summer, it is well to set your thermostat at about 80 degrees. At this level your unit will seldom run – just enough to keep the air freshened. (An alternative is to leave a key with a neighbor and ask them to turn your fan to “ON” position periodically).


You may wish to place your telephone on suspended service. If so, simply call the phone company and instruct the representative accordingly.


All windows and doors should be left in locked position. Blinds may also be drawn to protect drapes and carpets from sun rays. All storm shutters should be closed and locked. If you do not have shutters, all furnishings must be brought into the apartment.


Remember to stop newspapers, and all other deliveries. Instruct Post Office regarding mail delivery. Ask a neighbor to “board” houseplants for you.


High-rise buildings, such as Plaza South, are generally fire resistant and possess reliable enclosed stairways. Fires are usually confined to individual apartment furnishings. It is therefore important to understand that a fire in our building is no cause for panic. Generally, the inhalation of smoke is far more dangerous than the fire itself.

If a fire occurs within your own apartment, on, or close to your floor level, it will most likely be necessary for you to seek safety as soon as possible. It is extremely important that you and your family become well acquainted with the fire stairways provided at the A-B TOWER FOYERS, the E-F CATWALK AREAS and the N-P TOWER FOYERS of our building. You can acess the catwalk through the fire door in the bedroom. Doors to these stairways are never locked and are checked to make sure that they are never blocked, but are always kept closed.

The stairway at the A-B tower base opens to the front and outside of the building.

The stairway from the E-F catwalk areas opens onto the pool deck. You may exit the pool deck by using any one of the three doors leading down from the pool deck.

The stairway from the N-P tower base opens onto the North parking lot.

Every resident should be familiar with the location of all exit stairways on each floor. You and your family should discuss in advance what you will do if the closest stairway cannot be used. You should pre-determine a location outside the building for your family to meet after leaving the building. You may become separated while leaving the building if everyone exits at once. If you follow these suggestions you will greatly reduce your chance of being a fatality in the event of a fire or other emergency. Always carry your security key with you in order to be able to return to the building.

1) In case of fire, immediately call the Fire Department by dialing 911. Tell the dispatcher your floor and your apartment number, as well as our street address. Also give him the name of our building. Do not assume that anyone else has already called the Fire Department. If you are able, notify security that 911 has been called.

2) Before trying to leave your apartment, place your hand on the inside of the door, palm down. If the doors feel warm to the touch within 5 seconds, do not attempt to open it as this indicates the presence of a dangerous fire condition in the corridor.

3) If the door is not warm to the touch, carefully open it a small amount so you may check for the presence of smoke in the corridor. Place your weight against the door as you open it. This will allow you to quickly close the door behind you. DO NOT LOCK THE DOOR.

4) Immediately proceed to the closest exit stairway. Be sure to close the door behind you, but do not lock it. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE ANY ELEVATOR. The elevator you board may “freeze” on the floor where the fire exists and elevator shafts are natural flues for fire. If the elevators are functioning, the fire fighters need them to get to the fire.

5) If your apartment door is warm to the touch, or if there is heavy smoke in the corridor, keep your doors closed. Seal cracks around the door, and any other places where smoke appears to be entering with wet towels, blankets, or other material. TURN OFF YOUR AIR CONDITIONING UNIT.

6) If you cannot leave your apartment, stay calm until rescue personnel direct you to safety. Remember, they are trained to handle such situations; you are not. Do not lock your doors so that a quick search by rescue personnel may be conducted to determine if everyone is safely out of the apartment.

7) If some smoke enters your apartment, remain close to the floor and use the cooler and fresher air available at that level.

8) Do not attempt to remove your automobile from its parking space in the garage. This will only cause traffic congestion and hamper the efforts of the Fire Department.

9) Do not re-enter the building until permitted to do so by the Fire Department. No possession you have is a fair trade for your life.

10) The alarm located in the foyer ceiling of your apartment must not be disconnected – Doing so will send false signals to the main fire security station in the building. The unit Owner will be responsible for any cost incurred.


Free secure WIFI is available for the use of our residents in some of the common areas of the building. Please contact the office for more information and the password.